Energy Use/Conservation: Energy conservation is a critical part of the conversation about energy. Both on a large scale as well as individual consumers can make a difference in making energy use as efficient as possible.

Energy Use and Conservation

Energy Use/Conservation

One of the best ways to keep energy costs low and to maintain the inventory of current fossil fuel resources is to use energy more effectively with smart conservation in mind. On a larger, collective level, the government and energy companies need to take steps to encourage more conservation and to leverage all technical tools to make energy usage as efficient as possible. The implementation of a "smart grid" would help to make this possible.


On a personal level, we all have a responsibility to use energy resources wisely. What can you do? Turn EVERYTHING OFF when not in use; go LCD not plasma; efficient windows capture heat better ... the list goes on and on.




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Energy Education and its Importance - Energy impacts every area of our life, but often we don't think about where it comes from and how much we are using every day. Power UP takes a look at how we use energy, where it comes from and how we can use it more responsibly.