Energy 101: Everyday each of us use energy to power our daily activities. We often think that our energy usage doesn't matter, but it really adds up over time. During a typical day a teenager uses energy from the time they get out of bed until they go back to bed. Let's add up just how much energy we are using every day.

Energy 101

Energy 101

We are all incredibly dependent upon energy; we use a lot of it. People don't think their personal energy use matters, but does it? How much energy (electric watts) do you use in your morning routine before going to school or work? Did you use an alarm clock, take a hot shower, use a hair dryer, eat breakfast using a toaster or microwave or coffee maker? If so, then you consumed several watts of electricity (energy) while doing those simple tasks.


The discussion of energy usage is at the forefront of political and social discussions around the world. The decisions we make today concerning energy sources and use will have a big impact on our future.



Energy 101
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Energy Education and its Importance - Energy impacts every area of our life, but often we don't think about where it comes from and how much we are using every day. Power UP takes a look at how we use energy, where it comes from and how we can use it more responsibly.